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Do you have a lock-related and locksmith services questions? Continue below for answers to your questions.

When do I need lock rekey?

Lock rekey is required when the keys are stolen or you move to a new place. In such cases, your goal should be having a new key so that no unauthorized person can enter your property. Key change will also demand a different lock configuration and that's why our experts will have to rekey the lock.

How do I choose locks?

It will primarily depend on whether you need window or door locks. There are differentiations among locks even for sliding doors. You must take into account how accessible is the particular entry point and give gravity to the quality of the door. It’s best that locks are listed as first grade by the American National Standards Institute.

Where should I keep my key duplicates?

You should scatter them around the house. Don't keep them altogether because it won't make any difference. Keep a key close to the main door but in a place, which is not accessible by an open window. Also, keep the keys out of the reach of children and make sure every key replacement is cut perfectly.

What's the best way to lubricate a lock?

In general, powdered graphite is the recommended lubricant for most locks. However, it depends on the specific part of the lock you wish to lubricate and often too much or too little lubricant can do more harm than good. Our professionals know how locks work and if you're in doubt, you should have us perform any maintenance on your locks so to keep them working at their best.

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